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list of songs and about them.

2009-04-27 17:15:23 by Hemse

I've put a lot of songs on newgrounds that I've made or been part of making.
I realized that it's become a little complicated after all these various projects
so let me simplify it...

means: that only I and me alone made the songs

A pretty place
Haunted soul
You're probably right
One day (part 2)
Shit Symphony

means: that my old band desreveR and I made these songs.

DEad (also known in "Bu Bu kittyfuckers" and in "Mathew Corpse")

Live to hate
Modern nightmare
wishes of revenge

means: that a experimental side project called Splitting serenity and I made these songs


We're on our own
Summer breeze

means: that I made these songs together with Exorsism


Kill yourself

new music!

2009-03-22 19:29:46 by Hemse

I have resently added two splitting Serenity song

which is kind of a experimental side project I've been working on with Benne and Morten

We're on our own

Summer breeze

And I've also made this Zelda-ish milody:

One day


2008-08-09 17:58:59 by Hemse

I made this wierd symphony

check it out:

shit symphony -(Hemse)-

I'm bored...

2008-08-03 09:58:24 by Hemse

what shall I do?...

make a post! weee!....
or something...

I'll make some new songs someday.
but I hate the sound quality of my/our songs...

oh well.

4 new submissions! (+ 1)

2008-06-18 03:59:22 by Hemse

well my band "desreveR" kind of said it was okay for me to submit the songs we made

band members:

Jalle - guitar (sometimes vocals)
DEad - drums, keyboard (he also made the guitar for modern nightmare)
Hemse - Vocals, (and I've also made some guitar and bass but have problems with performing while I sing)

there's also a person that's maybe going to be a new band member

Jakob - percusion, vocals (if he joins)

well here are the songs:

Live to hate (my personal favourite)

modern nightmare

then there's also this old acoustic recording we made:


I also submitted a little funky piece and a upgraded version of New

you're probably right (the funky thing)

New (upgraded)

leave a comment to the songs!

mmmmhhh. . .

2008-06-04 07:33:35 by Hemse

I wonder what to do next. . . .
I made like 1000 new small scetches and riffs to songs, but can't seem to finish a new song. :S

I made this kick-ass riff on guitar that I'm pretty proud of, but can't figure out how the drums should be...

I hope I can find some drummer to help me. 'cause I'm pretty noob at playing drums.

expect the new song to be there soon enough.

and I'm proably gonna upgrade the songs I'v submitted
especially "New".
it feels like something is missing in that song


I'm approved to submit music!

2008-05-27 18:24:01 by Hemse

I'm finally approved!

so here's 3 tracks I recorded by myself :)

I have also a band called "desreveR". we have uploaded a song to youtube. check it out!
Live to hate